Bach - "Air on the G-String" for ukulele

Bartt has written tabs and chords for the Bach favorite, so you can play it on ukulele!

This arrangement works wonderfully with two people. One person plays the chords, and the other person plays the melody. But you can play it solo, too. Or create your own arrangement by mixing and matching the chords and melody.


Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his "Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major" in approximately 1720.


About 150 years later, around 1871, August Wilhelmj re-arranged the second movement. Wilhelmj transposed the violins down so that the music could be played entirely on the lowest string of a violin: the G-string. Wilhelmj wrote a note on his new score: " Auf der G-Saite," which translates to "On the G-string." The nickname stuck!


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