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Bach - "Air on the G-String" for ukulele

Bach - "Air on the G-String" for ukulele

Bartt has written tabs and chords for the Bach favorite, so you can play it on ukulele!



Set One: The tabs for Bartt's SOLO arrangement. Watch Bartt play it.


Set Two: A duet. This easier arrangement works wonderfully with two people. One person plays the chords, and the other person plays the melody. 


Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his "Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major" in approximately 1720. About 150 years later, around 1871, a guy named August Wilhelmj re-arranged the second movement. Wilhelmj transposed the violins down so that the music could be played entirely on the lowest string of a violin: the G-string. Wilhelmj wrote a note on his new score: " Auf der G-Saite," which translates to "On the G-string." The nickname stuck, and a million puns were born!


Watch Bartt play it.

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