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Bartt's BIG Blues Package

Bartt's BIG Blues Package

Play the blues in eight diffferent keys!

You get 16 files:

8 chord charts

8 audio files.



A, B, Bb, C, D, E, F and G


Bartt has written out the chords for a 12-bar blues progression in each of those keys. They're easy to follow because they're color-coded, and they include the chord diagrams. You also get play-along audio files of a blues backing band of drums, bass and piano.


Play the audio files anywhere: on your phone, iPad, desktop or laptop. They're .mp3 format, so they play on every device. Jam along using the easy chord charts.


Each audio file is 1:20, so you get three rounds of 12-bar. Play it on repeat if you'd like to jam longer. Then switch to another file in another key. Or play all eight in succession to challenge yourself.


Invite your guitar friends to jam with you. Actually, you can play any instrument with these tracks. Just match the key, and off you go!


Stop hiding from the key of E.

Stop playing everything in C.

Learn new things.

Have FUN!


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