Eyeball Cowboys-logo-DropShadow.png

Brent Eyeball
The Singing Bass Master


Bartt Eyeball
Guitars, Vocals and Stringed Things


Johnny Eyeball
Drums, Harmonicorn and Vocals

These fellers are Semi-Twangy Songwriters what sing and play. Some folks call it "Country Music," but the Eyeballs just call it regular music. They sing about romance, hats and the usual stuff like whiskey, heartache and 401k plans.

The Eyeballs got lots of pals that join them onstage. Pedal-steel guitar, lap-steel,  regular ol' guitar. Dobro. Banjo. You might hear just about anything.

They've shared the stage with all them bigshots, but they got tired of sharing. Now they're hogging the whole danged stage to themselves. They goof off a lot. They play stinkin' good. They sing harmonies like a bunch of barbershop angels. Well, not really like angels. More like rusty scissors. Come see 'em. You'll have a good time.