Brent Eyeball
The Singing Bass Master

Bartt Eyeball
Guitars, Vocals and Stringed Things

Johnny Eyeball
Drums, Harmonicorn and Vocals

The Eyeballs are twangy songwriters, singers and players. Some folks call their stuff "country music," but the Eyeballs just call it regular music. They sing about romance,  heartache and 401k plans.

You might know Bartt as "Ukulele Bartt," the guy who plays those festivals all over the world. But he's really a guitar slinger. 

You might know John as the rockabilly drummer with Johnny Rivers, Ronnie Dawson and the Monkees.

You might know Brent because he probably engineered your last album.

The Eyeballs goof off a lot. They play stinkin' good. They sing harmonies and forget the words. Come see 'em. You'll have a good time.