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For You Blue

For You Blue

Learn the fingerstyle riffs on this fave from the "Let It Be" sessions! George and John played guitar on "For You Blue," and Bartt has modified the guitar parts so you can play it on uke. Bartt's arrangement is a combo of the basic song, plus John's slide guitar solo.


You get a lot:


* Tabs for the fingerstyle riffs


*Chart with chords and lyrics


*A detail tab sheet of one single verse, so you can practice with just one page to deal with. Nice!


*SEVEN audio play-along files, karaoke-style, at SEVEN different speeds, from 40bpm to 100 bpm. Start with the slowest and work up to the fastest.


LISTEN TO George and the Beatles

NOTE: The Beatles play it in the key of D. Bartt's uke arrangement is in the easier key of A. If you'd like to play along with the Beatles, put a capo on fret 5 of your ukulele to match the Fab Four!

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