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Here Comes the Sun - PACKAGE

Here Comes the Sun - PACKAGE

Play "Here Comes the Sun" on ukulele!


NOT just the chords. NOT just a single-note melody. Bartt has written detailed tabs for the FULL fingerstyle song. It's very close to George Harrison's guitar on the Beatles recording. Sounds great on a low-G uke, but you can also play it beautifully on high-G.




* Complete tabs for the entire song


* EIGHT play-along audio files. These are digital versions of the complete song, at various speeds. They have a prominent drum beat to help you keep time on the tricky parts. They match the tabs exactly, so you can play along. Start at 50 beats per minute and move up gradually to the Beatles' speed of 128 bpm.

You get 50bpm, 60bpm, 70bpm, 80bpm, 90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm and 128bpm.


* THREE audio files that will teach you how to count the tricky time signature changes. Bartt counts along with a digital version of the song. Three speeds to choose from. The drum beat is emphasized, so you can find the beat easily. There are a lot of time signature changes in this song, so start here and learn to count everything before trying to play it.

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