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"Something" - Ukulele Learning Package

"Something" - Ukulele Learning Package

"Something," by the Beatles. Learn the entire song, including George Harrison's guitar solo transcribed for ukulele!

You get ALL of this:

* The instructional video

* A complete score including ukulele chords, ukulele tablature and ukulele notation for the entire song, including the guitar solo transcribed for ukulele

* Bass tablature and bass notation for the entire song, exactly matching Paul McCartney's bass lines

* Tablature for the opening riff in easy and fancy versions

* Audio file of a complete version of the song played by Bartt on ukulele, bass and drums

* Audio file play-along version with the ukulele removed so you can play karaoke-style.


Audio files are in .mp3 format. Charts are in .PDF format. Everything comes in one .zip file that you download to your computer. Download, unzip, and POOF! Everything will be organized into a neat little folder on your own desktop computer. You can then transfer files to your phone, tablet or other device.

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